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Sympa was grappling with a range of pressing challenges related to the user experience and user interface of its product. User feedback consistently highlighted concerns about the product's outdated appearance and suboptimal functionality. Users expressed a strong sentiment that the system seemed outdated, hindering its effectiveness and causing operational disruptions. Moreover, the development and maintenance of features posed a considerable obstacle. The absence of clear and comprehensive documentation or guidelines made it exceptionally challenging to rectify issues and introduce enhancements.
Pomegranate is the culmination of a year-long collaborative effort. As the lead designer, I, along with a dedicated product owner and a team of six skilled developers, embarked on the journey to craft a design system from the ground up. This system represents a collection of reusable components that adhere to specific rules and design patterns, empowering our professionals to expedite the development of cohesive digital experiences. Pomegranate encompasses a rich collection of assets, including functional code, design elements, versatile components, and valuable resources. These resources are instrumental in our quest to create seamless and consistent digital experiences.
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