Mexican Sign Language

There are almost 100, 000 people in Mexico that use the Mexican Sign Language (LSM) to communicate with others. The Aprende Lenguaje de Señas Mexicanas (Learn Mexican Sign Language) is a mobile application that aims to help all kinds of people by teaching them the basics of the LSM.
A couple of talented developers approach me to help them with the UX of the application. They already had a beta version of the app but it lacked the user experience that they aimed for. The beta version didn't follow any guidelines, it lacked branding and there were a lot of inconsistencies throughout it. The goal of the project was to create a consistent experience with a recognizable identity that could stand out from the many similar applications on the market.
The result is an intuitive application with three clear sections that encourage the user to learn the basics of the LSM. The User Experience is supported by a bold color palette and effective illustrations that make it recognizable and unique.
Lenguaje de señas mexicanas logo
Lenguaje de señas mexicanas typography
Lenguaje de señas mexicanas colors
Lenguaje de señas mexicanas iconography
Lenguaje de señas mexicanas screens
Lenguaje de señas mexicanas screens 2
Lenguaje de señas mexicanas 3
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